Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2133 Will Hold On

Even though cpo futures prices go below 2200, the long 2133 using indicator Y in short term technical trend trading will remain for next few hourly trading sessions since the stop and reverse sell trade signals still below 2150. 

Following indicator Y will need to stand the heat of high volatility of prices but as long as the trend is right it will be probably to see a good result in discipline a sincere technical trend trading habit to be practiced by a trader, the end result is basically to build trader's own trading rhythm. It is believed that majority of technical trend indicators also inherit such a principle for trading success

October month is just started and we are using the September month 2133 long that being carried forward, and it will have high possibility in generating profit in the first trade for the October month as long as cpo futures can maintain above 2150 in next few trading sessions.