Thursday, 2 October 2014

Indicator Y - 6pm SAR For 2133 Long Is Clear Now

It is like a judgement day at 6pm later today. The stop and reverse sell trade signal is finally clear and it is a sell signal if cpo futures price is closed below 2175 at 6pm in about one hour time from now.

The long 2133 has finally over by taking profit and turning sell 6 pm if cpo futures is really traded 2174 or lower, traders who follow the 60-minute indicator Y trading guide may have to do the stop and reverse sell just before the market close.

If near the 6pm and cpo futures price is below 2133. traders will have to cut loss and turn sell also by following the trading discipline of indicator Y.

(Note: the stop and reverse trade signal is given above without taking into consideration the higher highs and lower lows data which may affect the stop and reverse trade signal)