Thursday, 2 October 2014

Indicator Y - 5pm Level For 2133 Long

The stop loss order 2167 was triggered right just before 4pm just now, and therefore the long 2133 will do some profit taking if traders who have more than 1 contract in holding the long 2133. Now, it is believed that traders who follow the indicator Y 60-minute guide will realize how painfully will it be in giving up such a huge floating profit from the high 2223 to the 2167 stop loss price in order to protect some profits. 

If not follow the protective stop loss guide, traders will have to patiently wait and keep monitor another few trading sessions. 5pm will probably still hold on the long 2133 since September stop and reverse buy trade signal was triggered.

6pm will probably be the most crucial time since there is a possible trading decision need to be made on stop and reverse sell trade decision just before the cpo futures market close.