Thursday, 9 October 2014

Indicator Y - 4pm And 5pm For 2180 Long

There is basically no 4pm stop and reverse sell trade signal for long 2180 using 60-minute indicator Y unless traders use own judgement in cutting loss based on recent low 2137 as the cut loss point not stop and reverse trade.

If 4pm last traded cpo price is 2150, we will get the 5pm stop and reverse sell trade signal around 2150 level. Wait 4pm cpo futures price to be confirmed, we will update on 5pm stop and reverse trade signal.

For the last 2 stop and reverse trade, accumulated loss is 13 ticks ( 1st +17, 2nd -30). If there is a stop and reverse trade signal being triggered today, it will be the 3rd stop and reverse trade for this month of October.