Monday, 27 October 2014

CPO Futures Blog "Hit" 1500 Posts Today

It is a long winding road in blogging for CPO Futures blog to tell all readers traders about the use of technical trend indicators in CPO Futures trading while trying to provide updates as informative as possible in order for young learners to know about futures trading on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

Today, the CPO Futures blog has finally hit its 1500 posts that are believed to be able to help some novice traders to jump start the futures trading especially on CPO Futures with certain motivation. Some of the posts are the news excerpts that is believed to be useful in data collection on fundamental issues on palm oil and they are therefore being republished in this blog.

If you are new to this blog, please take your time by reading back the old posts which can probably help you in finding your way up in learning technical trend indicators.

I wish to thank all readers traders who have purchased my two books too. I believe the books are knowledge from hard-earned experience and knowledge is the power for trading success. You are the momentum that makes this blog a success. Thank You.