Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2133 Remain At 1130am And 1230pm

Since it is still remained far below from the current cpo futures and also below its long 2133, the 60-minute indicator Y will have basically no stop and reverse trade signals because it will be a bad sell if cpo futures price hit below the long 2133, and it is believed that there will be no strong reason to sell below the long 2133. 

Without considering any higher highs or lower lows, it is believed that the long 2133 will be carried forward to next month, October, and therefore the profit and loss will also be brought forward to next month. If the profit is brought forward, it is a loss for the month of September (refer back previous post to find the profit and loss for September)

There will be no update for afternoon trading sessions if the stop and reverse sell trade signals remain far below 2150, and therefore indicator Y will be considered as holding on the long 2133.