Thursday, 10 July 2014

What Happened In June MPOB Figures?

June palm oil production fell 5.3% to 1.57 million metric tons.
End-month stocks fell 10% from to 1.66 million metric tons.
Export 1.48 million metric tons or 5.3% higher from a month ago.
Here is the table from MPOB data:
June May Change
                                                   On Month
Crude Palm Oil Output  1,569,788     1,656,957     Dn   5.3%
Palm Oil Exports       1,481,262     1,406,918     Up   5.3%
Palm Kernel Oil Exports   59,249        87,495     Dn  32.3%
Palm Oil Imports               0         8,025     Dn 100.0%
Closing Stocks         1,656,736     1,841,360     Dn  10.0%
Crude Palm Oil           828,414       978,812     Dn  15.5%
Processed Palm Oil       828,322       861,548     Dn   3.9%

Production in Sabah Sarawak drop 10% that have big influence now while P.Malaysia unchanged. Both East and West Malaysia almost have the same production figures now a day.

The 10% drop in end month stock mainly due to P.Malaysia that have more than 13% drop or more than 100,000 metric tons that killed the bear today after opening at 3pm on Bursa Malaysia.