Monday, 5 May 2014

A Month Of Hourly STC Update

It is quite a long time I did not provide the update on hourly technical trend indicators due to time limitation in write up. However, I will try for this month of May for readers traders to learn that technical trend indicators can be read in advance so that decision can be made when time come for buying or selling.

As a start, the hourly technical trend indicator will do a stop and reverse sell once 5pm is traded below 2580 today. The hourly technical trend indicator will be named as key indicator in the blog for the trading. 

6pm update will be given after 5pm but before 6pm market close, so that reader trader can have time to decide what position to be taken at 6pm. It is still remained long 2590 at present when this blog is published. I will try update every hour in advance if time is permitted and wish readers traders like it but no promise for next month.

Please take note that the hourly key indicator did take a good profit of 65 tick at 2590 on 2/5/2014 @ 5pm where it turned buying 2590 against the selling 2655 few days ago. So, it is basically started with a profit of 65 ticks in early of this month for CPO futures short term technical trend trading.