Friday, 13 December 2013

After 7 and 12 Losing Trades...

After 7 and and 12 losing trades as mentioned in previous post, traders who have not enough risk capital will mostly out of trading now already because the hourly key indicator has continuously added another 2 losing trades!!!

It is a number of 9 and 14 that being recorded for such multiple losing trades in a row before seeing a profit trade. The question is how will a technical trend trader be able to withstand such a pressure of losses physically and psychologically? or, if a trader starts with such a bad trade? or, if a trader starts with a bad year with zero profit by end of the year? Think about it seriously if you wish to be a technical trend trader. 

The hourly key indicator made accumulated losses of 214 ticks in the last 14 trades (or 102 ticks in the last 9 trades since the beginning of December)!!! The hourly key indicator will have a bad year for 2013. So, how will a technical trend trader withstand such a heat if he/she is the one that being mentioned in the above paragraph!!!

The hourly key indicator is now holding on short 2638 since 10th December 2013 (not 2648 as stated in the previous post due to the other 2 losing trades) and let's see how far will it go from now on.