Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Losses Posted In 101indicators Blog

Here is the accumulated losses for the month of October at 72 ticks or RM1,800.00 per contract size for technical trend indicator A even though it should have been a profit because the long 2468 is still holding on and will be most likely carried forward to November update. Traders may just go to 101indicators' futures blog to check the other two technical trend indicators accumulated profit and loss which has just been updated too.

Traders must understand that it is the paperwork that traders must work it out themselves in recording their own trades in order to discipline themselves. The data page which is shown in 101indicators' futures blog can be used as a guide to follow. However, by just looking at 101indicators' futures blog data page without doing own spreadsheet, traders won't be able to know how hard to do such data collection over a long period of time which is a kind of discipline for trading success.

The stop and reverse sell signals for tomorrow will be in the range of 2515 to 2530 which is about 60 to 70 ticks below the current price at 2590.