Monday, 7 October 2013

Another Losing Trades On FCPO Hourly Trend Indicators

Started from October 2013, majority of technical trend indicators on FCPO short term trading was hit with multiple losing trades again, technical trend indicator A was also hit with 109 ticks or RM2,725.00 per contract size in accumulated losses so far. Its last stop and reverse buy signal was 2317 on last Friday's close at 6pm.

60-minute FCPO technical trend indicator A will have the stop and reverse trade signals at a range of between 2300 and 2308 for next 10 trading sessions based on 1130am, 1230pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm, there are total 5 trading sessions on every trading day for the 60-minute short term technical trend trading in this blog's updates.

Please refer to 101indicators blog in the DATA page to check the performance of the 3 technical trend indicators A, B and C in FCPO column which had the latest update for September month. Worst performer, Indicator A, was hit with accumulated loss of 61 ticks per contract size and another 109 ticks in October so far as mentioned in the above paragraph. Therefore, if a short term technical trader does not have enough "capital / margin ratio", the losses will definitely stop the trader from trading already. 

Think about it if you seriously wish to be a technical trend trader with such a calculated risk on cpo futures trading!?