Monday, 30 September 2013

Technical Trend Indicators ABC

As traders can see in the 101indicators blog's DATA page, the short term technical trend indicators A, B and C for the month of September have been updated as -61, -11 and 20 respectively for the monthly accumulated profit and loss as per contract size basis.

Technical trend indicator A was down 61 ticks in September and was the worst performer in the last 9 months with only 98 ticks of profit being accumulated as per contract size basis. However, technical trend indicators B and C had accumulated 461 and 377 ticks respectively as per contract size basis, meaning they have about RM10,000.00 gross profit per contract size if being followed strictly since the beginning of this year 2013. 

As we still have another 3 trading months ended year 2013, let's eye on technical trend indicator A whether it can have a chance to be the best among the Three after being the 2nd top earner in year 2012 with 1061 ticks or about RM26,000.00 gross profit per contract size in that year. 

Technical view: Selling 2303 on 25th September took a turn by buying back and turning long 2298 on 27th September at 5pm with a faction of profit while keeping the long until today. Without providing further update if there is any spike of prices out of a certain range for technical indicator A, the 60-minute SAR trade signals on Tuesday and Wednesday will be 2296 for technical indicator A.