Monday, 25 June 2012

KEY 3000 DMI 2945 Short STC 2948 Long

Daily stc indicator started long 2948 on 19th June and saw cpo futures prices went to high 3062 before turning lower to low 2932 and closed 2953 on last Friday. It will remain long as long as cpo futures price is not closed below 2891 today.
Daily key indicator earlier took huge profit 434 ticks and hit with immediate overnight loss of 41 ticks, turning sell 3000 on 21st June. It will hold on the short 3000 from now on unless cpo futures price is closed above 3015 today.
Daily dmi indicator also took 483 ticks huge profit when turned long 2997. It hit a stop and reverse sell on last Friday at 2945 that incurred 52 ticks loss against its long 2997. As long as cpo futures price is not traded 2983 today, the dmi indicator will hold on its short 2945.