Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lesson - Technical vs Fundamental

If you are a small speculator in CPO futures trading, the access of fundamentals data and news will always be the last to receive or you won't have the first hand information, so to say. Therefore, what should you do to have a success trading in CPO Futures?

In my opinion, if you, as a novice trader, need to back up yourself certain technical skill of how to read technical indicators like moving averages, relative strength index, stochastic before you start trading. Do not ever follow broker's advice or other trader you know to trade as you may not have the same emotion or psychology on discipline that they have.

CPO Fundamentals data that always being closely watched by majority traders have been placed in this blog for you to refer and I think it is enough for you to learn as the beginner. Fundamentals data allows you to digest how are the major players try to do hedge for their next trading strategies after those data being released.