Friday, 22 October 2010

Lesson - Trading Plan

A: what is L ?
B: L is long ( see page - " CPO Hourly Indicator " )... we deal with mat salleh...they like long or short...
A: ic
B: we asian always short ma they say
A: haha
B: Tehnical indicator is like your girl friend b4 get stochastic indicator in this blog in page "CPO Hourly Indicator", a lot of people don't know how to use...
B: indicator need to be learned in a very simple way, but people teach wrong way...
B: so let it be, so that only we trader can make money lo
A: haha...true, we all still hv a habit of....take fast profit, let losses run
B: every trader must build own trading and him cannot have same rhythm so that both of you can succeed on your own way
B: tell him more discipline will do... when he get discipline, his rhythm is back.
B: you also, build ur are a potential trader to succeed in this line, i think so.
A: ok
B: in short term trading...kill this - "mindset is sell, hard to turn buy"
A: ic
B: but specialise in one indicator first. Mean...master only 1 or 2 indicator only...dont learn to many
B: just like - fall in love with ur indicator like fall in love with a girl...see why it "change this change that" to attract u...
A: haha
B: when u have too many indicators to read, it is like u hv too many girls...too much distraction ask u buy, one ask u sell, one in HOW!!!
A: fainted...
B: ya, and your rhythm will be out....
B: build ur discipline and it can build ur rhythm... trading is a kind of business also...need time to build ur business network.
B: so, indicator is your business network...indicator is your discipline.
B: if indicators tell buy, buy...
B: indicator only tell u buy or wait or see how... but when u build ur discipline already, after sell or buy, with trend, u can then wait and see how to maximise profit with the indicator
B: so, from now, eat and sleep with ur indicator la
A: haha
B: read back all the level...why and when turn buy, how long it being turn long, how high indicator ever go...vice versa
B: how many days it already turned short...u can even test on short term chart like hourly...which u can see more things like in my page " CPO Hourly Indicator "
B: when u build up ur base already...then when u see other chart with this indicator...u can feel the market momentum too.
A: k...