Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lesson - Dalian-CBOT-BMD

After getting feedbacks from readers, please be informed that this blog is mainly targeting on Crude Palm Oil futures trading in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives with technical analysis as the main contributor for updates and commentaries. Dalian's RBD Palm Olein and CBOT's grains like Soybean and Soybean Oil will not be the main concern in this blog. 

This website was initiated in year 2005, but only started publishing in blog recently with target mainly on general public and new comers in crude palm oil futures trading to learn the basics of futures trading. 

Novice traders always get carried away when there is too much information for them to start trading and this blog has played an important role to help them start trading with discipline by just reading technical indicator to gauge the momentum of the market and follow the trend. Some major fundamental data in cpo futures trading has also been included here for traders to refer and may be doing more on their own research using these data for better trading strategy. Books and trading softwares are available here for purchasing online for the ease and convenience. 

Remember: Discipline, Discipline, Discipline.