Tuesday, 20 October 2015

13th Trading Day - Multiple Losing Trades

After 5 multiple losing trades that we had mentioned in the previous post, we actually still wish to talk about the multiple losing trades in this three months which is the main topic that we wish all readers traders learn.

Data collection is a discipline training, fear and greed is a psychology training, multiple losing trades is a real battleground to see whether you can survive in technical trend trading!

How much is the total loss for the 5 multiple losing trades? 131 ticks in theory. Without early profits, can you survive and take such a pressure?

Focus is still on the short 2297 as mentioned in the previous post.


(530pm write-up) The short 2297 had a stop and reverse buy trade signal being triggered at 2297 also today. It is a breakeven price but will be counted as another losing trade. Thus, we have 6 multiple losing trades already.

If 6pm close is below 2297, we will have 7 multiple losing trades, which mean cut loss turn sell again since the indicator turned long 2297 early today. Otherwise, hold on the long 2297.