Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Palm Oil Long 1963 - Mission Accomplished !

The indicator Y long 1963 has finally reached 2105 today - a level that can be considered that help us achieving our much delayed 400 ticks accumulated profits for year 2015. Mission Accomplished!

No doubt there is still no stop and reverse sell trade signal to post in our profit and loss table, we wish to apologize to all readers traders that we will call it a day and stop publishing any stop and reverse trade signal temporarily.

It takes 9 months to accumulate 400 ticks of profits in FCPO  as compared to 6 months in FKLI using the short term technical trend indicator Y trading guides. We have basically done our job in teaching and motivating readers traders to learn technical trend trading for FREE.

We encourage new readers traders to read back all the old posts especially from September last year and you probably find out some good trading rhythm.

101indicators' traders on FCPO are having almost the same bad year like the indicator Y in achieving what we mentioned all this while in this year short term technical trend trading, but, again, no one technical trend indicator will keep having good trades year after year.

Just remember - as long as the indicator can make more than 50% yearly rate of return year after year in such a conservative trading method, you will succeed in accumulating wealth from technical trend trading.    

Be A Disciplined Trader.