Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Palm Oil Short 2184 - 400 Ticks Target Can Be Achieved In August?

The indicator Y on FCPO had definitely under-performed in achieving the half way mark of 400 ticks profit target, lagging behind the FKLI short term technical trend trading using the indicator Y trading guides too.

Even though there is 95 ticks accumulated profit since the last sell signal 2184 with another 130 ticks floating profit at yesterday's settlement price 2054, the indicator Y on FCPO is still short of 175 ticks to reach its 400 ticks target. It is a really tough job to hit such a target in a single target!

To hit 400 ticks target, the short 2184 must reach what level? Read HERE, or go to the previous posts to find it.

We are still waiting the final result of the 400 ticks target in order to compare the FKLI FCPO performance for year 2015.