Thursday, 20 August 2015

Palm Oil Long 2028(48) - Cut Loss Turn Sell

The indicator Y on the long 2048 is facing the pressure of losing trade today if the cpo futures price is kept trading at low in the morning trading session today.

Readers traders must be reminded that the 2028(48) is an important data that will be recorded in the CPO Futures blog especially in the Beta page by end of this month. Please take note that the 2028 will be the figure uploaded in the Beta page due to data collection that must be arranged systematically. Thus, the trade may theoretically incur a smaller losses of 20 ticks. Think about it!

In actual scenario, if a trade was initiated by buying 2028 and did a rollover to 2048. When the next stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered, it will have to do it against the 2048 not 2028. So, the actual losses is the extra 20 ticks due to rollover. Get it?

Wait for the stop and reverse sell trade signal is triggered and we will post the trade signal again. We expect it will happen in the afternoon trading session today (or at 1230pm today!).