Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Indicator Y s2247 - 6 Days 135 Ticks

The indicator Y short 2247 on cpo futures short term technical trend trading must reach its 400 ticks target by end of June in order to match its aim at 50% rate of return excluding the trading cost! But, it definitely a tough job to reach in such a short period!

We still have no stop and reverse buy trade signal for readers traders and therefore we can assume that the short 2247 will probably be remained today.

As usual, we will publish the stop and reverse buy trade signal once we get a very clear indicative price and also one hour in advance at the best we can.

At yesterday's low 2218, the indicator Y on FCPO short term technical trend trading will still need 135 ticks heading down to 2083 in order to reach the 400 ticks profit target; in order words, the selling price 2247 minus 2083 target low equivalent to 164 ticks as mentioned in previous posts that we needed.

The FKLI using the indicator Y trading guides had already hit the 400 ticks target profit much earlier. We are just waiting to see how much will it be the performance for the FKLI by end of this month, just another 6 trading days to go!

Whether we reach the target or not in the 6 trading days, we will have to take a "short" break and we wish to apologize again to all readers traders for any inconvenience.