Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Indicator Y L2183 - Sell 2317 At 6pm Yesterday

The short term technical trend indicator Y finally took profit and turned selling 2317 at 6pm close yesterday which we did mention in our previous post.

New readers traders are reminded that the indicator Y updates will not be available in every single post that being published if the stop and reverse trade signal or the indicator price is far away. However, you will get those indicative price one hour in advance once we get the clear signal which is possibly triggered in the one hour time.

We will focus on the short 2317 from now on, the short 2317 using the indicator Y on FCPO short term technical trend trading will need to go to 2169 low then only we will say mission accomplished! The 400 ticks target in the first 6 months.

Accumulated profit now is 252 ticks since the beginning of year 2015; if cpo futures is traded 2169 low after turning short 2317, we achieve the 400 ticks target. And, we can temporarily take a rest!