Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 s1844 - FCPO Long 2168

The indicator Y short 2175 on FCPO had finally taken a very small profit of 7 points giving up huge floating profit from low 2092 and turned long 2168 at 1230pm in the morning trading session close today.

The multiple losing trades reached 7 rounds with 188 points losses and finally stopped here with 7 points of profit. It is a long journey to find back the losses and let's enjoy the new "fear and greed" again on the long 2168 which will rollover to a new contract month after today.

Accumulated losses for April has reduced from 14 points to 7 points in the 3 stop and reverse trades.

FKLI short 1844 will have to cut loss turn long if the index futures is last traded 1846 or higher at 4pm in the afternoon trading session today.