Thursday, 9 April 2015

Indicator Y s2175 L1779.5 - Seven Multiple Losing Trades

Can readers traders sum up the total losses from the SEVEN multiple losing trades on FCPO that happened in the middle of the March until today? 40+46+36+27+25+12+2 = ??? Answer is available here - 188 points accumulated losses! Read back the old article in the learning corner on what is the capital risk ratio needed to trade cpo futures using the indicator Y?

Even though there were profit since the beginning of year 2015, without good capital risk ratio in technical trend trading, traders will be wiped out from the market especially after seeing the multiple losing trades! Think about it.

FCPO short 2175 will have no stop and reverse buy trade signal until further notice! Let's enjoy the "fear and greed". Read the 101indicators On Futures Trading book now. (me too!)

We have clear signal now on FKLI for 1015am trade. Firstly, as usual, without taking into consideration on any unforeseen circumstances, the indicator Y long 1779.5 will have to do its stop and reverse sell once the index futures is last traded below 1839 at 1015am today. Will it be in 1830s as mentioned in our previous posts on the 3 levels?