Friday, 3 April 2015

Indicator Y s2165 L1779.5 - FCPO 6th Multiple Losing Trades At 4pm?

FCPO short 2165 will probably face another multiple losing trades in the afternoon trading session today after cpo futures price was closed 2184 just now. It will be the 6th losing trade in a row that we like to mention on the term we always use - the multiple losing trades.

FCPO short 2165 using indicator Y will have to cut loss turn long once the cpo futures price is last traded above 2175 at 4pm today. It will be the first losing trade for April, but it will be the 6th multiple losing trades! How much will be the total losses in the six multiple losing trades if the stop and reverse buy trade signal is triggered at 4pm today?

FKLI long 1779.5 reached high 1841, where will be the stop and reverse sell trade signal? We will give you one hour in advance (at our best possible) once we have a clear stop and reverse sell trade signal.

"New" readers traders may go to the "Beta" page to view the performance of the indicator Y for year 2015. However, please do "Focus" on the losing month and feel the heat of losses! Read the criteria of the indicator Y in the Learning Corner and wish that you will also be able to find your discipline and trading rhythm.

Go to the " indicator Y - 2014 summary " in the learning corner to see the multiple losing trades too and wish you know why we are asking you to see the multiple losing trade and the losing month