Thursday, 16 April 2015

Indicator Y L2168 s1840.5 - April Accumulated Profit And Loss

New readers traders may just go to the Beta page to view the stop and reverse trades and the monthly accumulated profit and loss for FKLI FCPO in the first quarter of year 2015. Learn to keep your record systematically in your spreadsheet can train your discipline too.

If refer back all the titles posts in April, readers traders should be able to find out the stop and reverse trade signals. By taking down all the trade signals, we will be able to know the profit and loss in total. FKLI has 3 trades with accumulated profit 55 index points while FCPO has 3 trades also with accumulated loss 7 points as of the last stop and reverse trade signal being record.

FCPO short term technical trend indicator Y had a low return in the first quarter as shown in the Beta page.

FKLI short 1840.5 will cut loss turn long only if the index futures is closed above 1846 at 515pm today. FCPO will stay on its long 2168.