Thursday, 26 March 2015

Indicator Y S2153 L1779.5 - FKLI Reached 1830 High

Seeing the index futures 1830 high yesterday against its long 1779.5 using the indicator Y as given in previous posts might make some readers traders great satisfaction but here we wish to emphasize again on multiple losing trades to remind readers traders the kind of pressure that you need to be really discipline enough.

Profit is not so important than losing trades in this CPO Futures blog since we still believe that once a trader can limit its losses, making a fortune is no longer an issue in trading success.

The indicator Y long 1779.5 will probably come near to its stop and reverse trade soon since it is really hard to reach again 1830 high after seeing the sharp drop of Dow Jones overnight unless there is a "manipulation" of the 30 component stocks!

FCPO short 2153 using the indicator Y is still finding "no" stop and reverse buy trade signal! So, ride on your "fear and greed"!

We will post the stop and reverse sell trade signal for FKLI FCPO once there is a clear signal one hour in advance.