Thursday, 15 January 2015

Indicator Y Short 2348 - Multiple Losing Trades

Readers traders still remember the multiple losing trades in November December last year? Read back the old posts if you have forgotten.

This month had 2 winning trades and 2 losing trades so far if cpo futures price triggered a stop and reverse buy trade signal at the morning trading session close today.

As long as cpo futures price is closed above 2356 at the morning trading session close, the indicator Y short 2348 will have to cut loss and turn long based on the short term indicator Y trading guides.

We would like to share the short term FCPO stop and reverse trade signals in advance for readers traders to see as soon as possible we can find it but we cannot promise we can do it in each and every posts due to unforeseen circumstances.

We did mention last year that we no longer provide one hour in advance on the stop and reverse trade signals for year 2015 but we are "breaking" the promise now and giving out early trade signals. Just wish readers traders like it!

((FKLI long 1728.5 is still finding its stop and reverse sell trade signal while holding on its long))