Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Indicator Y Short 2331 Long 1728.5 - A Note To Readers Traders

It is just a reminder to readers traders, the short term technical trend indicator Y in this blog is only providing the stop and reverse trade signals according to its own trading guides, and therefore there is no profit targets for readers traders. It is up to readers traders own trading rhythms.

We try to keep all our write-ups simple and short.

For new readers traders in this blog:

  • Kindly read back all the previous posts especially from the end of September 2014 in learning the most important term - multiple losing trades - in order to build yourselves a disciplined trader.
  • The FKLI FCPO write-up here is about the FKLI index futures first contract month and CPO Futures third contract month. 
  • So far you may have seeing good profits for this January but never forget the multiple losing trades that you need to face it patiently.
  • We may NOT be able to update both futures market consistently in year 2015 as mentioned earlier and, again, we wish to apologize on this inconvenience to you.
To those who purchased our books and did email us on their "homework", we wish to thank you in sharing with us too. Keep it up! 

Wishing you all have another trading success year.