Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Indicator Y Short 2141 - December November Breakeven Levels

The hourly indicator Y short 2141 had been initiated at 1230pm this afternoon after cpo futures price was closed at 2141 that triggered its stop and reverse sell trade signal as mentioned in previous posts that we had given one hour in advance.

Looking back the multiple losing trades, in building the 60% greed and 40% fear that we keep mentioning earlier, cpo futures price will need to be traded much lower end in order to recover or breakeven from all the losses incurred by the multiple losing trades.

There is a very high chance that the profit will not be able to be recorded as mentioned in the earlier post too, we are here just to bring up the issue of breakeven. It is basically an easy computation on the short 2141 that need to reach low 2000 in order to recover back the losses of December while November losses will be a bit tricky because we know that November had 1 profit trade and 6 losing trades with accumulated losses of 130 points. However, if just to look into the 6 losing trades that created the multiple losing trades, the breakeven level will be seriously much lower that we need a real super bear run cpo futures market to breakeven, understand? Think about it yourself or read back the previous post to find how low we need to have on the profit target to breakeven!

So far we have only about 20 points of floating profit, it is a long journey to ride on.