Monday, 22 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2153 - Last 7 Trading Days

The long 2153 initiated over 6pm on Friday according to the hourly indicator Y trading guides had been seeing a range between 2174 and 2152 in the morning trading sessions today.

It is the last 7 trading days before the year 2014 is ended which is expected to have above 700 accumulated profit for indicator Y while seeing a painful multiple losing trades in November December that had substantially wiped up some good profits that being generated in the first 10 months of year 2014.

As usual, do not expect any stop and reverse sell trade signal being published in this blog for next few hourly trading sessions since the hourly indicator Y had just turned its long at 6pm on Friday.

All we can say here, the profit of year 2014 will not grow in next few days while the possibility of losing a bit more is there. If the long 2153 is carried over to year 2014, the profit or loss will only be recorded in year 2015. Therefore, we are still waiting to see whether there is another stop and reverse trade in next few days and we will give you the summary of the year 2014 performance.