Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2153 - Last 6 Trading Days

Looking back the last 11 multiple losing trades, it is generally believed that not many short term technical trend traders could sustain such a pressure in losing money continuously unless traders were discipline enough in the capital risk ratio management and not over trading while sticking to their proven profitable technical trend trading system. Readers traders who have the 101indicators On Futures Trading book are kindly advised to read back the traders' wisdom.

As for the hourly indicator Y, it is probably no more chance to have a record of profit being added into the performance of year 2014 since there are only six more trading days for data collection in computation of the hourly indicator Y. Technically, losses may be added instead of profits in the six trading days for technical trend trading system.

As usual, the hourly indicator Y long 2153 will probably maintain today unless there is a new post being published on the CPO Futures blog. We will still keep our promises in publishing one hour in advance on all the stop and reverse trade signal for this last six trading days whenever there is a clear signal.