Thursday, 25 December 2014

Indicator Y Long 2153 - Last 4 Trading Days

We have only four more trading days and it is now highly believed that the accumulated profits for year 2014 will not be affected much since the long 2153 is now quite far below the last closing price of cpo futures.

Just read the last few posts and readers traders will be able to find the accumulated profits for year 2014.

The hourly indicator Y long 2153 will still be holding on and will probably be carried overnight until next week since the stop and reverse trade signal will not be available on this Friday. This is based on the simple assumption with taking into any unforeseen circumstances.

This write up is prepared in a hurry for Christmas Holiday, wishing all readers traders have a pleasant Christmas Holiday and let's pray for all the flood victims. It is the worst flood disaster in Malaysia.

Be strong.