Friday, 14 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2278 - The Biggest Losing Sell 2222 At 1130am

It may not be the biggest losing trade of the year yet, but it is enough to stress technical trend traders in holding such a losing trade long 2278 according to the hourly indicator Y trading guides by cutting loss and turning sell at 1130am just now.

The hourly indicator Y had finally turned selling at 1130am at 2222, it will hold on the short 2220 from now on after losing 56 points. The previous losing trade in a single trade before the hourly indicator Y started updating in this blog was 58 points.

After adding the last losing trade of 24 points, the hourly indicator Y accumulated 80 points of losses in total in just 2 trades even though November is still having a profit of  37 points!