Friday, 21 November 2014

Indicator Y Long 2259 - Cut Loss Turned Selling 2223

4th losing trade and it is definitely a painful experience since the one profit trade of 117 points in the early of November had since been wiped out and turned to be a loss due to the 4 losing trades in a row that we always like to call as multiple losing trades. Refer back all the previous posts in November and readers traders will definitely find the answers.

The hourly indicator Y long 2259 had finally cut 36 points losses and turned selling 2223 at 6pm yesterday, this trade had made November incurred accumulated losses of total 36 points as at the selling 2223 at 6pm yesterday.

Remember the profit 117, losses 24, 56, 37 and 36 in last five stop and reverse trades which you can find out all in the previous posts in November.

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