Friday, 31 October 2014

Indicator Y - October Accumulated Profit Is 14 Points

It is just to confirmed in this post that the month of October only generate gross accumulated profit of 14 points since the long 2137 will definitely carry forward to next month November which bring along the floating profit. There will be no stop and reverse sell signal at 6pm today based on the hourly indicator Y trading guides.

Read back the trading rules again in the "learning corner" on the right column, the hourly indicator Y generated 4 stop and reverse trades for this October months, first +17 second -30 third -8 fourth +35, total sum is +14 in the trading profit and loss.

We only saw 2 losing trades which is not considered to be a multiple losing trades. Traders are therefore to be more careful to focus on the multiple losing trades that may happen to all kinds of technical trend indicators in short term trend trading. If traders can stand the heat of the multiple losing trades and can prove that the indicator has yearly good profit, traders should have found a good trading system.