Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Indicator Y - Long 2137 Day 5 Target 2138

(Wish to thank a reader trader alerting the error of 2138 target, it is 2238 not 2138; without amending the original write-up below, I wish to apologise about the typo error here.)

Why target is 2138? It is just a profit target set without following the hourly indicator Y trading guides. It is 101 points from the long 2137 based on self-interest since many traders like to ask in trying to do some profit taking on a right trend! May be the 101 is derived from the 101indicators Blog!

Reaching 2138 will be the 5% up for the long 2137 and fear may come in about losing out good profits even though greed is still there! All depend on traders' own trading rhythm in countering the fear and greed where the hourly indicator Y trading guides never put in the rules.