Tuesday, 9 August 2011

10 Losing Trades 1 Winning Trade

After non stop writing almost 5 times a day consistently for so long, readers and traders whoever had purchased the trading software and followed up this blog should be able to see clearly now how important the consistency of discipline and psychology is eagerly needed for trend traders who want to succeed in success trading with basic technical analysis.
Whichever indicators traders use, time is needed to shape successful technical traders with strong discipline and psychology.
Read the two articles in 101indicators about "the 10 Losing Trades" and "1 or 2 Winning Trades" if you wish to be a successful technical trader. Bookmark them and share them with any of your trading friends who need advice and ask them whether they can take such a challenge if technical trading can create a fortune for them.

The examples may be one of the best and real trading proof for novice technical traders to start thinking seriously if they wish to have a success CPO Futures trading.